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Making a Synth Shelf

May 10, 2014

In order to have a nice place to hold several synths I put this synth shelf together. It was a fairly in depth process for someone lacking many carpentry skills. The interest started long ago when I saw an mtv cribs (yep…way back) episode displaying Moby’s studio and synth collection.

moby synth shelf

synth porn

Then my interest was piqued even further when Scott Hansen of tycho made this post.

When I joined up with Creepy Bird Studio I needed a place to access my synths in the space.

I bought an Ikea Jerker Desk (out of production), sturdy plywood, some 1x4s, nuts & bolts, and some cabinet sliders.

I did all the measurements ahead of time and had home depot cut all the wood in the store. This is crucial! It’s either free or dirt cheap and worth your money to have the wood cut there.

I wont go into too much depth here but if there is interest I can do a full post.


Synth Shelf

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