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David August

Apr 03, 2015

Such a great building track. This kid is coming up for sure.

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Erik Satie - Lent

Nov 29, 2014

Let’s buy an upright, drink coffee, and learn every Satie piece we can.

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Royksopp - Sordid Affair

Nov 28, 2014

One of those songs that urge you to put on your best headphones and levitate.

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West Coast

Sep 06, 2014

Just got back from spending 6 weeks out and about. A few weeks with relatives in Chicago and Southwest Wisconsin and then a month out in beautiful Seattle. While in Seattle I was asked to play a few shows as a live member in Memoryy. I haven’t played live since being in Seattle almost exactly 2 years ago so i’m totally looking forward to getting back on stage, feeling nervous, and also not having to pay for drinks.

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Tascam US-122 Mavericks Driver

Jul 24, 2014

If you happen to have a Tascam US-122 or other US type audio interface and you are trying to get it to work with OSX Mavericks then this post should come in handy.

The current drivers on the tascam website don’t work. They didn’t output any sound from the computer. These beta drivers worked for me

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Jul 08, 2014

Over the last year here at Creepy Bird i’ve been trying to clean up my musical workflow. Along the way I came across a snag.

Vintage drum machines all seem to work quite differently and in the early days there wasn’t much if any consistency on what note assignments certain sounds should be given. Such as the kick being generally C1 (36) these days. What I wanted was to be able to take a drum beat programmed in Ableton and have it correctly play on our 3 midi capable drum machines.

NoteChanger is a Max for Live plugin that simply changes one midi note value to another.

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Ryan Power - The Prize

Jun 27, 2014
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CZ-101 How To

Jun 05, 2014

This guy is too good.

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Christian Löffler

May 30, 2014

Christian Löffler hails from Germany. Loving his track titled “Beirut”

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May 18, 2014

Doing some Sunday explorations with the quirky Casio CZ-101. Certainly an underrated synth.

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Early Days

May 15, 2014

This is a short glimpse into the 2007 recording of “S/T” in Seattle, Wa.

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2007 S/T Release

May 11, 2014

I just posted my first release from back in 2007 for a free download over on bandcamp. It’s not a great representation of where I am currently at musically but it surely shows where I began experimenting with electronic based music. It’s baffling how long it’s been.

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Making a Synth Shelf

May 10, 2014

In order to have a nice place to hold several synths I put this synth shelf together. It was a fairly in depth process for someone lacking many carpentry skills. The interest started long ago when I saw an mtv cribs (yep…way back) episode displaying Moby’s studio and synth collection.

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The Start

May 07, 2014

Since my departure from Seattle in the fall of 2012 I’ve been busy trying to plant myself in the beast that is NYC. This process has taken a considerable toll on my free time for creativity.

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