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West Coast

Sep 06, 2014

Just got back from spending 6 weeks out and about. A few weeks with relatives in Chicago and Southwest Wisconsin and then a month out in beautiful Seattle. While in Seattle I was asked to play a few shows as a live member in Memoryy. I haven’t played live since being in Seattle almost exactly 2 years ago so i’m totally looking forward to getting back on stage, feeling nervous, and also not having to pay for drinks.

After performing with Memorry I’m hoping that I can start arranging my tracks to be performed live. My goal was to perform by the Fall. I’m not sure if that will happen but i’m continuing to push forward. I will likely start performing with an extremely basic in setup then add to and adjust as I go. My goal is to keep the setup minimal enough so that I can perform while traveling but flexible enough to include other live members when appropriate.

I certainly have strong usually negative feelings about one man bands with lots of backing tracks but I can understand why sometimes it makes sense logistically, financially, and emotionally. It will certainly be a challenge for me to perform in a way that grabs the audience’s attention. I’m hoping though that the music will do a lot of the heavy lifting for me.

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